Who We Are:

  • Marshall Women's Leadership Board (MWLB) is dedicated to professional development and committed to expanding the networking, leadership, and professional skills of the membership. We encourage young women to explore different avenues of the professional world. We value a cohesive membership that supports each other and is committed to our shared vision.
  • MWLB is a selective organization that requires commitment, initiative, dedication, and ambition as we strive to tap into the potential of our members and vision. We highly encourage innovation and creativity and a future focus in the organization. 
  • Our events include General Meetings, a professional speaker series including panels, guest speakers, professional and leadership development workshops, social get-togethers, community service projects, and retreats.
  • Our goal for these events is to foster leadership qualities in our members by providing a place where bright and talented women can come together to share ideas and experiences, learn about different career paths, network, and together develop into strong leaders in business. 

Our History:

In September 1999, Dr. Suzanne Savary, a Marshall professor of Business Communication, and Sandy Buchan, former Director of Undergraduate Student Services, invited the top female business students to discuss the idea of establishing an organization focused on the development of female business leaders. A lively and enthusiastic discussion ensued, and that was the night MWLB was founded. The Marshall Women's Leadership Board is Marshall's first organization dedicated to female undergraduate business students.

Why the Owl?

Elegant, independent, insightful, wise and knowledgeable observers, owls have large searching eyes, an ability to turn their heads 270 degrees to see all perspectives and a nocturnal ability to see clearly in the darkest hour of the night. For that reason, owls wholeheartedly represent the traits of all the women who are apart of our organization and have thus become the symbol of MWLB’s high caliber membership.